Please find attached the league fixture list with games commencing 2nd week of May.  CLICK HERE


Please make sure all your players are registered on the google forms before they play.  They can register just before the game but not once the game has started

Sadly we were not able to secure a venue for the pre-season tournament so this will not go ahead before the fixtures start.  We are still looking at a mid-season or end of season tournament which will incorporate the presentation of last year's awards!

New Rule - Rounders England have brought out a new rule this season which states:

(b) Fielders must not intentionally touch the post base with their foot at any time due to this being a Health & Safety issue.

PENALTY - A half rounder will be awarded for obstruction (on the grounds of health and safety) against the fielder.

Umpires - please remember all umpires used for games should be qualified where possible and if not should be competent.  LLRL rules state that a competent umpire has 2 years playing experience and IS CONVERSANT WITH THE ROUNDERS ENGLAND RULE BOOK.  Please contact the Committee if  you are having problems sourcing an umpire and we will try and help wherever possible.

Player handbooks will start to be distributed

Good luck to you all for the season and if you need any support please let the Committee know.


LLRL Reg Sec